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since aural re-allignment.

     05.07.99  -  the tripods.
                     howl.  kirkland arts center, kirkland, wa.
     05.15.99  -  botch, tight bros. from way back when, nervous system.
                     ground zero, bellevue, wa.
     08.03.99  -  locust, blackcat 13.
                     ground zero, bellevue, wa.
     08.21.99  -  waxwing, the vogue, teen cthulhu.
                     the old firehouse, redmond, wa.
     08.28.99  -  teen cthulhu, vandemonium, x's for eyes.
                     house show in ballard, wa.
     09.26.99  -  kill sadie, 1848.
                     house show in u-district, seattle, wa.
     10.01.99  -  teen cthulhu.
                     high score arcade, seattle, wa.
     10.16.99  -  teen cthulhu, hoodwinks, fudgegun, head.
                     the pirate house, shelton, wa.
     10.22.99  -  teen cthulhu, backstabbers.
                     birthday party for ______.  located in medrona.
     10.23.99  -  seldom, fall guise.
                     white horse.  located in montlake, on boyer.  08.00 pm.
     10.24.99  -  teen cthulu, delour, minus.  
                     ground zero, bellevue.  06.30 pm.
     11.13.99  -  vermillion, march 15, the building press.
                     tri-way grange.  07.00 pm.
     12.11.99  -  the burbanks, and high society.
                     crackin music, north bend.  05.00pm.
                     $2 at door.  all ages.
     12.18.99  -  1848, in the red.
                     loft in portland, or.
     01.09.00  -  fall guise, and seldom.
                     house show by our friend ann-marie.  bellingham, wa.
     01.14.00  -  poxy, and guests
                     university of washington, hub ballroom.  08.00 pm.
                     this is a benefit show for Ruckus magazine.
     01.22.00  -  the catheters, teen cthulhu, bloodhag.
                     kirkland senior center.  kirkland, wa.
     01.29.00  -  march 15, others.
                     tri-way grange.  everett, wa.
     02.04.00  -  last of the juanitos (ex-drive like jehu), tion,
                          hippies in flames.
                     auburn annex.  auburn, wa. 
     02.16.00  -  fishnet jon and the queerbaits.
                     high score arcade.  8pm.  seattle, wa.
     03.03.00  -  tempered cast, teen cthulhu, 128db.
                     the old firehouse. redmond, wa.
     03.04.00  -  c average, raft of dead monkeys, vermillion.
                     ground zero.  bellevue wa.  8 pm.
                     this is a vermillion cd release show.
     03.05.00  -  bleeding from the forehead, contingent, figure four.
                     the java joint,  surrey, b.c., canada, up north.
                     show starts at 07.00pm.  for info call: (?)
     03.25.00  -  bloodhag, teen cthulhu, the trots.
                     sit and spin, seattle, wa.
     03.29.00  -  ahisma (from frezno/eugene), teen cthulhu, intima.
                     arrowspace, olympia, wa.
     04.14.00  -  himsa, everything went black, guest.
                     the paradox.  seattle, wa.  08.00pm.  $5.
     04.16.00  -  the anniversary, drunk horse.
                     graceland.  seattle, wa.  05.30 pm.
     04.22.00  -  teen cthulhu, tion.
                     coffee messiah.  seattle, wa.  08.00pm.
     05.15.00  -  ev, guests.
                     ballard firehouse, seattle, wa.
     05.15.00  -  guests.
                     ballard firehouse.
     05.19.00  -  a night of evil basementrock.
                  teen cthulhu.
                     (neverland ranch II)634 NW 48th.  ballard, wa.
     05.20.00  -  valentine killers, 2 ton boa, federation x.
                     sit and spin.  seattle, wa.  3pm. $7.
     05.20.00  -  greenfunk festival at pop keeney stadium.
                     bands include: dolour, vermillion, yossarian, portal, more.
                     additional info will appear as date nears.
     06.02.00  -  blood brothers, guests.
                     show off gallery.  bellingham, wa.  8.00pm.  $5.
     06.04.00  -  jeromesdream, usurpsynapse.
                     the punkin house.  seattle, wa.
     06.09.00  -  teen cthulhu, repose, totfinder.
                     seattle public library.  8pm.  free.
     06.16.00  -  everythingwentblack, hexadecimal, homo eradicus.
                     old firehouse.  redmond, wa.
     06.19.00  -  orchid, the red scare, blood brothers.
                     paradox.  seattle, wa.
     06.23.00  -  polecat, alta may, last great liar.
                     breakroom.  seattle, wa.
     06.30.00  -  botch, oldrowler, harkonen, engine down.
                     show off gallery.  bellingham, wa.  8.00pm.  $5. 
     07.01.00  -  hexadecimal, hollywoodmikemiranda, enema bandits.
                     8517 85th ave.  house show, greenwood, wa.
     08.03.00  -  pho bang @ foxxess lounge.  hosted by jackie hell and ursula android.
                     seattle, wa.  10pm.
     08.11.00  -  benefit show for kate becker.
                     waxwing, dolour, teen cthulhu, many others.
                     old firehouse.  redmond, wa.
     08.22.00  -  tremons, guest.
                     breakroom.  seattle, wa.
     08.24.00  -  show off or shut up.
                     murder city devils, thrones, teen cthulhu, dive kissers,
                     blackmanwhitemandeadman, riff randalls, closed caption radio,
                     croaton, unit breed.
                     show off gallery.  bellingham, wa.
west coast tour.
              08.30.00  -  portland, or.  bryant st. house-6395 ne 6th st.  
              08.31.00  -  eugene, or.  jamie's house-1348 oak st.
              09.01.00  -  chico, ca.  blue room-139 west first street.
              09.02.00  -  oakland, ca.  mission st. records-22 mission st.
              09.03.00  -  san francisco, ca.  kimo's-1351 polk st.
              09.04.00  -  san francisco or santa cruz.  house show.
              09.05.00  -  bakersfield, ca. munoz boxing gym-1931 e. california.
              09.06.00  -  off.
              09.07.00  -  wilmington, ca.  pch-1832 E. Pacific Coast Highway.
              09.08.00  -  rocklin, ca.  maui pizza-4815 Granite Dr.(near sacramento)
     09.22.00  -  bloodbrothers, catheters, recursors, vellutto, guests.
                     old firehouse 8th anniversary.
                     old firehouse.  redmond, wa.
     10.01.00  -  hog molly, guests.
                     breakroom.  seattle, wa.  07.30pm.
     10.13.00  -  friday the 13th spectacular.
                    old firehouse.  redmond, wa.
     10.14.00  -  c~average, swarming hordes.
                    experience music project.  seattle, wa.          
     10.21.00  -  bloodhag, vermillion.
                    seattlepubliclibrary.  university district.
     10.23.00  -  tba.  final show ever!
                    showoff gallery.  bellingham, wa.
     11.10.00  -  teen cthulhu, one iroi, guests.
                    reed university.  portland, or.
     12.28.00  -  blood bros., hollywoodmikemiranda, guests.
                    paradox.  seattle, wa.
     01.02.01  -  harkonen, guests.
                    paradox.  seattle, wa.
     01.09.01  -  pho bang.  foxxes lounge.  seattle, wa.
     02.17.00  -  bloodhag, teen cthulhu, guests.
                    kirkland senior center.  kirkland, wa.
     02.24.00  -  tightbrosfromwaybackwhen, blood brothers, the pinkos.
                    paradox theater.  seattle, wa.

with burke member.

     04.02.00  -  locust, bloodbrothers, redlightsting.
                    graceland, seattle, wa.
     04.17.00  -  aerospace.  olympia, wa.
     04.30.00  -  killsadie, harkonen, prettygirlsmakegraves.
                    graceland.  seattle, wa.  allages, barwithid.
     05.18.01  -  university district library.  seattle, wa.
     07.17.01  -  bloodhag, tarantulahawk, teencthulhu.
                    breakroom.  seattle, wa.