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.akimbo is composed of three.stop.
.the entity's first body was composed of jon, nat, and tom.stop.
.this previous incarnation included the former members of the dissidents.stop.
.during the winter of nineteen-ninety-eight the band went into a hiatus.stop.
.in the the spring of nineteen-ninety-nine, the band reassembled with kyle.stop.
.currently akimbo is harnessing the force of the elements, and controlling weather systems.stop.
.the echelon of robotic warriors has taken flight.  collecting the fury of nature, and transforming it into sound,
.[cont...]the artificial beings have been released upon the general populous.stop.

[photo missing.]

   conditioned from birth for
   consumed-karp, beastie boys, b.t.p.n.l.s.l-rye-botch-primus-nomeansno.///-
   other abilities: van driving, drum altering.//equipment:double bass pedal-extended bass 
   drum, picalo snare//end..

[picture lost.]

   originally programmed for guitar, also programmed for drums, currently dominating the distorted bass.
   was programmed with dissidents, c.o.p., the posse, shotgun justice. active sound transmissions for six years. 
   favorable sounds from nomeansno, old school metal, emo-rock, ac/dc, karp, led zeppelin, botch, the cars, devo, 
   and a multitude of various programmings. responsible for one half of vocal assimilation. 
   programmed for rock, will perform.


   previous sightings in natalja, and the gnomes.  current applications involve vocal destruction of time,
   and treble arrangments of strings.  factors of b52's, boyslife, ornette coleman , 
   roadsidemonunumet, and blur.  follower of spacial occurances, and astral phenomena.

.[cont...]controlled energy in performance, and inciting frenzy.  live shows reach a point of critical mass.stop.
.one should exercise extreme caution, and not fail to witness.stop.
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